Lynda Pasqua

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In addition to coaching others, I am a long time traveler on my own path to health and wellness. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education. I am a certified health and wellness coach, a physician-trained nutritional coach and a holistic addictions professional.

Many years ago I was fortunate to have support to assist me with my compulsive-eating issues. Since then with my coaching, workshops and support groups, I have helped many in finding a way to have a normal relationship with and around food and to eliminate binge-eating. That was just a start. After several years teaching school age children, I learned first hand experience with the debilitating educational and lifestyle effects of ADHD and began learning what I could do to help in this area.

As other health conditions surfaced for me personally, I became educated in nutrition and successfully changed my overall health and wellbeing. I then worked with a physician as a nutritional consultant supporting patients with ADHD, other brain chemistry imbalances, and chronic health conditions. For many years I have been supporting individuals who have successfully made positive changes in their health.

As an educator, I offer important information that is helpful to my clients—and as a coach, my hand in partnership—as clients make connections and progress on what is important to them. My style with clients is informal, yet specific to their goals. Clients create a vision for how they want to see their lives change over a 6 month period. Together we design a plan, identify and overcome any obstacles in the way. Step by step clients become successful in turning their everyday ordinary into what becomes extraordinary for them. Self-compassion and self-competence are qualities I highlight for clients during each session to assist in uncovering their best-selves while enabling them to achieve what may not have been possible for them working alone.

Although clients come to me with various goals and changes in mind, it’s not surprising that we begin by exploring the necessity of a whole and clean food plan, specific to their body’s needs. An individual’s nutritional health becomes the foundation for any long-term success in all areas of wellbeing. Though my special niche is with compulsive eating and those plagued with the chaos of ADHD, I enjoy working with any issue that is currently important in my client’s life.

During the winter months I enjoy the weather in Southwest Florida where I spend time walking the beaches, swimming, riding my bike, and practicing yoga and meditation. My summer residence is in the upstate New York Finger Lakes region. There, I also include into my work schedule, kayaking and ice-skating along with my winter activities.

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