Sherri Berner

Sherri Berner Health Coach ConnectGreetings from sunny Florida. My name is Sherri Berner and I am a Wellness Coach certified by the Mayo Clinic. For more than 30 years as a physical therapist, I have been blessed to work with many amazing and inspirational patients to achieve their rehabilitation goals. It has been my privilege to be an integral part of the physical recovery of these individuals on their personal journey.

Since 2014, I have incorporated the skills of health and wellness coaching with my patients in physical therapy and witnessed beneficial results. In this role, I serve as an optimistic guide to help empower people to make positive lifestyle changes based on their own values and strengths to achieve sustainable health goals of their choice.

My interest in health coaching developed as a result of my volunteer service as a small group leader in my church for “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life” founded by Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Mark Hyman (Functional Medicine), and Dr. Daniel Amen (Psychiatry). This curriculum emphasizes the five essentials of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends to strive for overall wellbeing, as follows:

Faith: Achieving lasting change by trusting in a power greater than our own limited willpower.

Food: Eating real food that grows on a plant, not processed food manufactured in a plant.

Fitness: Performing physical activity that is enjoyable and easy to do.

Focus: Bringing our attention each day to things for which we are grateful.

Friends: Forming a community of supportive and encouraging buddies.

My area of specialty in health coaching is faith-based wellness. This spiritual approach to health of the mind, body, and soul has allowed me to benefit from challenges and overcome obstacles in my life including:

  • Recovering from codependency by setting boundaries in dysfunctional relationship with substance abuser
  • Experiencing personal growth and reaching self-sufficiency through divorce of first marriage
  • Healing from irritable bowel syndrome by making long-term dietary changes
  • Starting up and operating a health spa business for skin care following survival of malignant melanoma
  • Minimizing symptoms of menopause by balancing hormones with healthy lifestyle habits

In addition, spiritual health has allowed me to achieve dreams and appreciate blessings in my life including:

  • Celebrating over 20 years in second marriage
  • Exploring the wonders of the USA via one year of cross-country travel in a RV camper
  • Giving birth to a healthy, only child as a mother at an advanced age over 40
  • Writing and publishing a children’s book about healthy fun for kids
  • Discovering the strength and power of being an introvert

Thanks to my own negative and positive life experiences, I have learned to live with purpose by connecting and sharing a deep, meaningful relationship with God and others. For this reason, I offer a genuine desire to help people live life to the fullest in optimal health.

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