Sheryl Cook

2015-08-31 12.13.27Sheryl is a New Zealander living in Australia with her husband and two daughters. She has a BSc(hons) in Food Science and has graduated from the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach course and completed two courses from Holistic Nutrition Lab (Digestive Intensive and Full Body Systems).

While living in Wales Sheryl was struggling with day-to-day life and found her thyroid antibodies (TPO) to be high and on the way to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Because her other blood results were classified within the normal range, the doctors recommended continued monitoring which did not address any underlying causes or how she currently felt. Sheryl turned to diet and lifestyle changes. After seeing huge benefits in the quality of her own life, Sheryl’s desire is to work with others, particularly those with autoimmune based conditions, to explore what lifestyle choices can assist them in fulfilling their wellness potential.

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